2020-01-23 Beatrice T. Meyers

Well, here we are at the start of another new year.

I am not really one for New Year's Resolutions. People tend to make promises to themselves that they will never end up keeping. Promises I myself have broken many times. But this year I have decided that it is time to do something with this website, even if it does not amount to much of anything.

When I created this domain years ago, it was actually going to be used to launch a company my friend and I were thinking up at the time. When that did not end up panning out, I eventually assumed DataDrake as my pseudonym for open-source development. When I build the first version of, it ended up becoming a sort of resume or curriculum vitae for myself. And so it has sat, largely unchanged for most of the last decade, a placeholder for when I would eventually do something real with it. And in some ways, standing as a monolith, marking my failure to previously do so. Now, I would like to use it to share my thoughts, the projects I am working on, and the things I create.

The overall revamp of the site is still a work-in-progress while I get a feel for how I would like things to be organized. You should expect that tt will probably take a month or so for the format and layout to stabilize. When I get to that point, I plan on implementing RSS feeds to make it easier to keep tabs on new content that I have added and probably social media links for sharing things. Comment sections are off the table, since I do not really have the time to moderate them, nor do I possess the desire to deal with all of the negativity that they tend to cause. Such is the Internet in 2020.

At this point, there is no set schedule for when new content will be uploaded. I would like for things to settle into a weekly or bi-weekly publishing cycle for the Blog itself. Other content will be added periodically as it is created and I have a chance to write about it. Eventually, I will set up some way of providing direct feedback about the site. But I will likely rely on commentary from Twitter if you are looking to provide suggestions or constructive criticism.

Thank you all for your patience as I get into the swing of things. It has been a long time since I have make a conscious effort to have an Internet presence, so we shall have to count this as a learning experience as I drag myself kicking and screaming into the 2020's. I am looking forward to this opportunity to freely express myself and I hope you will join me for the wild ride ahead.

— DataDrake