Beatrice T. Meyers


Name Beatrice T. Meyers
Age 30's
Profession Graduate Research Assistant
Hobbies Cooking, Distro Packaging, Programming (Applications, Games, Websites), Hardware Projects
Location Rochester, New York, USA

Professional Experience

Work History

Aug 2018 — Apr 2023 Technical Lead / Project Lead (Unpaid Volunteer),
Solus Project (Linux Distribution)
Responsible for working with Core Team and Global Maintainers to carry out day-to-day activities (Package Maintenance, User Support) while also helping to guide the technical direction of the project. Developing the tooling for our next generation packaging infrastructure (Generation, Distribution, Installation).
May 2014 — Present Graduate Research Assistant (M.S. and Ph.D),
Kate Gleason College of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.
Multi-disciplinary research (Computer, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering, Chemistry) focused on the natural environment study of tobacco product (combustibles, e-cigs) user topography and emissions characterization. Design and manufacture of embedded real-time data-logger electronics for natural environment monitoring of tobacco product use. Firmware development for real-time data-logging on the MBED Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) platform.
May 2013 — May 2014 Undergraduate Researcher (3 month Co-op, then Part-Time),
Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.
Design, implementation, and deployment of the EDGE 2.0 distributed web application. User support and server administration of EDGE 1.0 and 2.0 environments, including Subversion and TortoiseSVN clients. System health-monitoring with LibreNMS SNMP-based solution.
Aug 2012 — Mar 2013 Software Engineer (6 months Co-op),
Dawning Technologies, Inc., Fort Myers, FL.
Participated in the development of medical interface software, including, but not limited to, middle-ware services and client applications in Java. Worked under an ISO 9000 compliant software design and quality assurance process. Application administrator for Redmine project management suite.
Mar 2012 — Aug 2012 Student System Administration (3 month Co-op, then Part-Time),
Mechnical Engineering, College of Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.
Facilitated migration from ESXi environment to ITS vSphere. Administration of Windows servers for software licenses and file services. Software development and support for the in-house EGDE 1.0 project management system. Hardware and software support for Faculty and Staff, as well research and teaching labs.

Technical Skills

Hardware and Software Development

Programming Go, C/C++, LaTeX, MATLAB, JS/HTML/CSS, Ruby, Java, VHDL
Build Systems Autotools, CMake, Meson, Ninja, Cabal
Version Control Git (Github, Gitlab, Phabricator), Subversion
Hardware Embedded (PCB Design, Firmware), FPGA, VLSI


Orchestration Linux (Ansible, Debian Preseed, RHEL Kickstart), Windows (WDS)
Networking CLAWS (DNS/DHCP), Directory (AD, LDAP), Firewalls (Windows,UFW), PXE, Wireshark
Monitoring LibreNMS (SNMP), Zabbix (agent), Nagios (SSH)
Virtualization oVirt, VMWare (Workstation, vSphere, ESXi ), VirtualBox, Xen


Operating Systems Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL, Solus), Windows, macOS
Databases MariaDB (Server, Galera Cluster), MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Web Servers Apache (HTTPd, Tomcat), Nginx (Nginx, Unit)

Academic Experience


2016 — Present Ph.D in Engineering,
Dissertation Title: Design and Simulation of Monitoring Devices for Inhaled Nicotine Devices: An Energy-Aware Approach.
Advisor: Dr. Edward Hensel
2014 — 2016 M.S. in Computer Engineering,
Thesis Title: Modelling of Information Flow and Resource Utilization in the EDGE Distributed Web System.
Advisor: Dr. Edward Hensel
2009 — 2014 B.S. in Computer Engineering,
Minor in Computer Science.


Dissertation and Thesis

B.T. Meyers, Design and Simulation of Monitoring Devices for Inhaled Nicotine Devices: An Energy-Aware Approach, Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, PhD in Engineering, Advisor: Dr. E.C.Hensel, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2021. In-Progress.
B.T. Meyers, Modelling of Information Flow and Resource Utilization in the EDGE Distributed Web System. Master of Science Thesis, Computer Engineering, Advisor: Dr. E.C. Hensel, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2016.


E.C. Hensel, N.C. Eddingsaas, Q.M. Saleh, S. Jayasekera, S.E. Sarles, M. Thomas, B.T. Myers, G.DiFrancesco, and R.J. Robinson, Nominal Operating Envelope of Pod and Pen Style Electronic Cigarettes, Frontiers in Chemistry, section Analytical Chemistry, Manuscript 705099, In Review. 2021.
B.T. Meyers, E.C. Hensel, E.A. DeBartolo, Usage of Revision Control Tools in Capstone Senior Design Courses. ASME IMECE 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition, Paper Number IMECE-2015-51164, In ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, volume 15, pages V015T19A019–V015T19A028. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, doi:10.1115/IMECE2015-51164, November, 2015. Conference Paper and Presentation.


E.C. Hensel, A.G. DiFrancesco, S. Jayasekera, N.C. Eddingsaas, S.E. Sarles, B.T. Meyers, Q.M. Saleh, R.J. Robinson, Understanding the Association Between Pod-Style Electronic Cigarette Aerosol Emissions and User Topography Behavior. SRNT 2020 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Mar 2020. Poster and Abstract.
B. Meyers, E. Hensel, S. Jayasekera, R. Robinson, Characterization of the wPUM ™ Generation 3 Topography Monitors. 2019 BMES Annual Meeting. Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), 2019. Poster and Abstract.
R.J. Robinson, S. E. Sarles, B.T. Meyers, N.C. Eddingsaas, S. Jayasekera, E.C. Hensel, Design of the wPUM ™ Family of Topography Monitors for Natural Environment Observation Studies of Tobacco Product Use, 2018 Tobacco Regulatory Science Meeting, Bethesda, MD, June, 2018. Poster and Abstract.